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battery a set of large military guns, esp. artillery, used in combined firing. [1/5 definitions]
bombard to attack with bombs, cannon fire, or artillery. [1/4 definitions]
caisson a two-wheeled wagon for transporting artillery shells. [1/2 definitions]
caliber the outer diameter of a bullet or artillery shell. [1/3 definitions]
cannonry mounted guns such as cannons; artillery; cannons collectively. [2 definitions]
casemate an armored enclosure or compartment, as in a warship or fortress, with openings for guns or artillery.
field artillery light mobile artillery that can accompany troops in the field.
fieldpiece a piece of artillery for use on the battlefield; field gun.
gunner a soldier, sailor, or the like who operates or helps to operate artillery. [1/2 definitions]
gunnery the science of making and using guns, esp. heavy artillery. [1/3 definitions]
observation post a forward military position from which the enemy can be observed and artillery fire can be directed.
shell a cylindrical piece of ammunition, esp. for an artillery piece or a shotgun. [2/12 definitions]
shellfire the firing of artillery shells.
shrapnel a hollow artillery shell filled with pieces of metal that explodes and scatters its contents. [1/2 definitions]