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across so as to pass over at an angle; in or to a crosswise position. [1/6 definitions]
activated carbon a form of very porous and thus very absorbent carbon, produced by heating charcoal so as to empty out contained gases, and used to absorb other gases, recover solvents, deodorize, and the like; activated charcoal.
adherence steady or faithful attachment or devotion, as to a person, party, or principle; faithfulness; fidelity. [1/2 definitions]
agree to have the same opinion (often fol. by "with," "on," "as to," or "about"). [2/6 definitions]
airing an exposure to air or wind, so as to refresh or dry. [2/3 definitions]
airline a tube or hose used to carry air to where it will be used, as to a deep-sea diver. [1/2 definitions]
airtime broadcast time allotted, as to an event or news story, on television or radio.
AM a system of varying a radio signal's amplitude so as to impose the signal on a carrier wave; amplitude modulation. [1/2 definitions]
ambush the act of hiding so as to attack by surprise. [1/4 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a sequence of drawings showing stages of movement, so as to create the illusion of motion when the images are projected in quick succession.
anneal to heat and then slowly cool (esp. glass or metal) so as to strengthen and make less brittle.
antedate to affix an earlier date, as to a document or event; predate. [1/3 definitions]
apportion to assign, adjust, or distribute parts so as to maintain the proper proportion; allot.
aright so as to be right; correctly.
around so as to be the present time. [3/13 definitions]
astringent having the effect of drawing together, esp. of contracting body tissues so as to stop secretions or bleeding; styptic. [1/4 definitions]
at cross purposes so as to misunderstand or act in a way that frustrates each other's purposes.
attune to adjust so as to be harmonious.
audit to examine (records or accounts) so as to check accuracy. [1/4 definitions]
automatism automatic, mechanical, or involuntary action, as in the operation of many bodily organs, in the actions of one not in conscious control, such as a sleepwalker, or in the suspension of conscious control so as to allow subconscious expression, as in art. [1/2 definitions]
autosuggestion in psychology, a technique of changing one's own behavior or beliefs by repeating certain phrases or ideas to oneself.