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bundle to assemble and make into a bundle. [1/6 definitions]
cobble2 to assemble crudely or hastily. [1/2 definitions]
collect to gather together or assemble. [2/8 definitions]
compile in computer technology, to convert into machine readable language; assemble. [1/3 definitions]
convene to gather or assemble, esp. for a formal meeting. [2/3 definitions]
firehouse a building in which equipment for fighting fires is kept and where firefighters assemble; fire station.
gather to come together; assemble. [1/12 definitions]
horde to assemble in a horde. [1/3 definitions]
jury-rig to assemble or put into place in a makeshift way, or for temporary use, as on a vessel.
marshal to gather, assemble, or enlist. [1/8 definitions]
mass to assemble or group into a mass. [1/9 definitions]
meet1 to assemble together, as for a meeting or other scheduled event. [1/13 definitions]
mobilize to assemble and prepare (troops or the like) for active military duty or service to a country. [2/4 definitions]
package to combine or assemble (related items or elements) into a single entity. [1/6 definitions]
patch to assemble or repair in a hasty or improvised manner. [2/10 definitions]
piece to connect in order to mend or create a coherent whole; assemble (often fol. by "together"). [1/10 definitions]
primp to groom, arrange, or assemble (one's hair, clothing, or the like) with unusually attentive care. [1/2 definitions]
rally1 to call together for some common goal; assemble; muster. [2/12 definitions]
reassemble combined form of assemble.
regroup to assemble again or reorganize, as military forces after a battle. [1/2 definitions]
reveille a call sounded early in the morning to waken or alert people, esp. a bugle call for troops to assemble.