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allegation an assertion made in the absence of positive proof. [2/3 definitions]
assurance an assertion meant to instill confidence. [1/3 definitions]
claim a demand for something as one's right; assertion of ownership. [1/8 definitions]
declarative making a statement, assertion, or declaration.
denial a statement or assertion of the falsehood of something. [1/5 definitions]
estop in law, to hinder or prevent (someone) from asserting a claim or fact that is inconsistent with a previous assertion of fact.
ipse dixit (Latin) he himself said it; an unproven or dogmatic assertion.
loaded distorted by prejudice or irrelevant emotional content, as a question or assertion. [1/6 definitions]
overassertion combined form of assertion.
paradox an assertion that contradicts itself, yet follows from logical reasoning. [1/3 definitions]
reassertion combined form of assertion.
say-so an authoritative judgment or assertion; command. [2/3 definitions]
statement something stated; assertion; declaration. [2/3 definitions]
vow a formal assertion, declaration, or promise. [1/5 definitions]