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confidence a sense of assurance, faith, or trust in a person or thing. [2/4 definitions]
disconcert to upset the calm or self-assurance of; ruffle. [1/2 definitions]
earnest2 any similar pledge, assurance, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
guarantee an assurance, esp. in writing, that something is of salable quality and will perform satisfactorily or be repaired or exchanged at the seller's or manufacturer's expense. [2/11 definitions]
guaranty an agreement, assurance, or pledge regarded as security for an obligation; surety. [1/5 definitions]
presence a person's projection of poise or self-assurance. [1/5 definitions]
rain check a postponement of an accepted invitation or offer, esp. an assurance to a customer that a sale item that is sold out can be purchased later at the reduced price. [1/2 definitions]
satisfy to dispel doubts of or give assurance to. [1/5 definitions]
say to state with assurance. [1/16 definitions]
self-confidence a feeling of assurance about oneself and one's judgment or abilities.
surely with confidence or assurance. [1/5 definitions]
thumbs-up an expression or gesture of approval, assurance, or agreement.
warrant an assurance or guarantee of some event or result; proof. [1/9 definitions]
will1 used to make a promise or give assurance. [1/9 definitions]