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ascendant in astrology, the point in the earth's orbit intersecting with the apparent path of the sun, or the sign of the zodiac rising in the east, at the time of an event such as one's birth. [1/4 definitions]
conjunction in astronomy and astrology, the lining up of two or more celestial bodies, esp. the sun and a planet, along a line as viewed from Earth. [1/4 definitions]
constellation in astrology, the relative positioning of the stars and planets, esp. at the time of one's birth, believed to influence character and fate. [1/3 definitions]
planet in astrology, any celestial body believed to influence human lives. [1/2 definitions]
pseudoscience a theory, methodology, or the like, such as astrology, that claims an unjustified scientific basis or application.
saturnine born under the astrological sign of the planet Saturn or influenced by that planet, according to the beliefs of astrology. [1/4 definitions]
star (usu. pl.) in astrology, a planet or arrangement of planets thought to have an impact on one's destiny. [1/11 definitions]