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Alan Shepard U.S. astronaut, who was the first American to journey into space (b.1923--d.1998).
cosmonaut a space traveler or astronaut, esp. one from Russia.
debrief to question (an astronaut, soldier, or the like) in order to obtain any information gathered during a mission.
extravehicular pertaining to the activity of an astronaut outside of a spacecraft.
moonwalk the walking undertaken by an astronaut on the surface of the moon. [1/2 definitions]
spaceman a man who travels in outer space, beyond the earth's atmosphere; astronaut. [1/2 definitions]
spacewalk of an astronaut, to move about outside a spacecraft in outer space. [1/2 definitions]
spacewoman a woman who travels in space, outside the earth's atmosphere; astronaut. [1/2 definitions]