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amateur an athlete who receives no monetary prize, salary, or other payment for competition. [1/5 definitions]
apposition in grammar, the relationship, esp. of the second to the first, of two nouns or noun equivalents that are placed together in a sentence without a connecting conjunction, as in "Ed Smith, the famous athlete". [1/3 definitions]
athletic characteristic of an athlete. [1/3 definitions]
coach a person who trains and directs an athlete or athletic team. [1/8 definitions]
free agent a professional athlete, such as a baseball player, who is free to contract to play for any team.
manager one who is responsible for the training of an athlete or athletic team. [1/3 definitions]
Nathaniel "Sweetwater" Clifton U.S. multi-sport athlete, who played with the Harlem Globetrotters prior to becoming the first African American to sign a contract to play in the National Basketball Association (1950) (b.1922--d.1990).
nonathlete combined form of athlete.
redshirt (informal) to withdraw a varsity athlete from competition for a year in order to extend his or her eligibility. [2 definitions]
rookie a beginner, esp. a professional athlete in his or her first season on a team. [1/2 definitions]
semifinalist one, esp. an athlete, that is qualified to take part in a semifinal contest.
semiprofessional of an athlete, paid for playing part time. [2 definitions]
speedster an athlete or animal known for speed in running. [1/2 definitions]
star a performer or athlete who is considered to be outstanding, esp. one who has gained fame among the public. [1/11 definitions]
superathlete combined form of athlete.
trackman a male athlete who engages in track sports, esp. a runner. [1/2 definitions]