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aesthete one who is or professes to be particularly attentive to and appreciative of beauty, esp. in the arts.
alert keenly attentive or responsive; quick to perceive. [1/3 definitions]
bolt upright in a rigidly attentive position.
careless not cautious or attentive enough; negligent (often fol. by "with," "about," or "in"). [1/5 definitions]
dwell to think about, be concerned with, or remain attentive to (a particular thing) at length or habitually (often fol. by "on" or "upon"). [1/3 definitions]
faraway not attentive, as if one's mind is on distant subjects. [1/2 definitions]
gallant courteously attentive to women. [2/7 definitions]
keep an eye out to be watchful or closely attentive.
ladies' man a man who is extremely attentive to women and who seeks and enjoys their company.
meticulous carefully attentive to every small detail; painstaking.
mindful careful; attentive (usu. fol. by "of").
observant watching carefully; alert; attentive. [1/2 definitions]
prick up one's ears to suddenly become attentive and interested. [1/2 definitions]
primp to groom, arrange, or assemble (one's hair, clothing, or the like) with unusually attentive care. [1/2 definitions]
solicitous anxiously or tenderly concerned or attentive (usu. fol. by about, of, or for.) [1/2 definitions]
solicitude the condition or quality of being anxiously concerned or attentive, sometimes excessively so.
vigilance a condition or quality of being alert and attentive; watchfulness.
vigilant keenly alert and attentive; watchful, esp. for danger.