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abbacy the authority, term of office, or rights of an abbot.
abrogate to abolish, repeal, or nullify by authority. [1/2 definitions]
admiralty the authority of an admiral. [1/3 definitions]
advisory having the authority to give advice. [1/3 definitions]
agent a person with authority to perform certain actions on behalf of another. [1/5 definitions]
agt. abbreviation of "agent," a person with authority to perform certain actions on behalf of another.
amenable accountable to authority. [1/3 definitions]
anarchy political and social disorder resulting from a lack or absence of governmental authority. [1/3 definitions]
anathema a formal curse by ecclesiastic authority involving excommunication. [1/3 definitions]
antiauthority combined form of authority.
apocryphal of dubious authorship or authority. [1/3 definitions]
Apostolic See the pope's see or center of authority, believed to have been founded at Rome by Peter.
appeal a plea for recourse to a higher authority. [2/7 definitions]
appoint to set, fix, or determine by agreement or authority. [1/2 definitions]
arbiter someone who has the authority to decide an issue or settle a dispute; arbitrator.
arbitrator one who has final authority to decide an outcome; arbiter. [1/2 definitions]
arm1 the part of an organization that specializes in operations or enforcement; authority. [1/3 definitions]
audience a chance to be heard, esp. by a higher authority. [1/3 definitions]
authoritarian of, pertaining to, or advocating complete obedience or subjection to authority, esp. political authority, without concern for individual rights. [1/3 definitions]
authoritative having or displaying authority. [1/2 definitions]
authorization power or permission issued by an authority. [1/2 definitions]