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ana- back or backward. [1/4 definitions]
arabesque a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one leg and extends the other backward with a straight knee, with the body slightly bent and the arms in extended positions. [1/4 definitions]
babirusa a wild pig of the East Indies, the male of which has tusks that grow up through the snout and curve backward toward the eyes.
back to move (something) in the reverse or opposite direction; cause to go backward. [3/15 definitions]
back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often repeatedly. [1/2 definitions]
backlash an abrupt and sometimes violent motion or movement backward. [1/3 definitions]
back-pedal to press backward on the pedals of a bicycle or tricycle in order to brake. [2/3 definitions]
backspin a reverse spin put on a ball, such as a billiard or tennis ball, that causes it to stop suddenly or move in a backward direction.
back up to move backward or drive in reverse. [1/8 definitions]
behindhand behind the times; backward. [1/3 definitions]
castle one of two playing pieces in chess that may be moved forward, backward, or sideways over any unobstructed squares; rook. [1/6 definitions]
cata- backward. [1/4 definitions]
dork (slang) an insulting term for a person, often a male, considered unstylish or socially-backward in dress, manner, or interests. [1/2 definitions]
dorky (slang) unstylish or socially-backward in dress, manner, or interests; not cool.
double a reversal; backward turn. [1/19 definitions]
duiker any of several small African antelopes, the males of which have short spiky horns pointing backward.
dump truck a truck with a bed that can tilt backward to unload its contents through the opened tailgate.
flip-flop a backward somersault or handspring. [2/7 definitions]
gainer a dive in which the diver faces out from the board and does a half or full backward somersault into the water. [1/2 definitions]
goat any of various agile four-legged animals that produce milk, having hollow horns with a backward curve, rough and usu. straight hair, and a short tail. [1/5 definitions]
half gainer a dive in which the diver, facing forward, executes half of a backward somersault, thus entering the water headfirst and facing the diving board.