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escallop to bake (cut or sliced food) in sauce, often with a breadcrumb topping, and sometimes in scallop shells. [1/2 definitions]
muffle a part of a furnace or kiln used to bake or fire something such as pottery without direct contact with the fire. [1/5 definitions]
overbake combined form of bake.
prebake combined form of bake.
roast to cook or bake (meat) with dry heat, as in an oven or over an open fire. [1/12 definitions]
sagger to encase and bake (ceramics) in a sagger. [1/3 definitions]
scallop to bake in a sauce or other liquid, usu. with a crust of bread crumbs; escallop. [1/6 definitions]
shirr to bake (eggs) in a shallow dish. [1/3 definitions]