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balsam a fragrant oily or resinous substance exuded by some shrubs or trees, such as the balsam fir. [1/3 definitions]
balsam fir an evergreen tree of the pine family, native to Canada and the northeastern United States, which is cut for pulpwood and Christmas trees and from which Canada balsam is derived.
chrism a consecrated oil mixed with balsam and used by some churches in certain rites, such as baptism. [1/2 definitions]
impatiens a common flowering annual plant, related to the balsam and bearing small flat flowers in white or various shades of pink and red.
jewelweed any of several plants in the balsam family having spurred orange-yellow flowers and seedpods that burst open when ripe.
liquidambar the fragrant balsam from such a tree, often used in medicine. [1/2 definitions]
tacamahac any of various trees, such as the balsam poplar, that yield this product. [1/2 definitions]
tolu an aromatic balsam or resin obtained from the bark of a South American tree and used in cough medicines and expectorants, flavoring, and perfume; balsam of tolu.