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airway (pl.) the collective band of frequencies used for broadcasting by radio stations. [1/3 definitions]
anklet a decorative band or chain worn around the ankle. [1/2 definitions]
architrave the decorative band or molding lining a door or window. [1/2 definitions]
armband a cloth band worn around the upper arm as a badge of rank, membership, or the like, or as a symbol, as of mourning.
armlet a band worn as an ornament, usu. on the upper arm. [1/2 definitions]
attachment something that physically fastens one thing to another; tie; band. [1/6 definitions]
band2 to tie with a strip of material in order to identify or bind; put a band on. [1/4 definitions]
bandeau a simple brassiere, with or without shoulder straps, that consists of a single band of fabric. [1/2 definitions]
bandit a robber, esp. a member of a band that robs travelers and vehicles en route. [1/3 definitions]
bandleader the conductor of a band, esp. a big band or swing band.
bandmaster the conductor of a musical band.
bandsman a boy or man who plays in a musical band.
bandstand a raised platform, often with a cover, used for outdoor band or orchestra performances.
bandswoman a woman or girl who plays in a musical band.
bellyband a girth or cinch around the belly of an animal, such as the band used to hold a saddle on a horse.
belt a continuous band of heavy, flexible material used to drive a machine or carry materials. [3/11 definitions]
belted marked with a stripe or band of color around the abdomen. [1/2 definitions]
bend sinister in heraldry, a diagonal band from the lower left to the upper right of a shield, signifying bastardy; bar sinister.
big band a large jazz or dance band, esp. one of the 1930s and 1940s in the U.S., that combines arranged ensemble playing with solo improvisations. [2 definitions]
bracelet a band or chain worn around the wrist or arm as an ornament.
brake band a lined, flexible, usu. steel band around a brake drum, which, when tightened, creates the friction of a braking action.