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barbate bearded, or having tufts resembling a beard, as oats or barley.
barleycorn barley, or a seed of the barley plant. [2 definitions]
corn1 (chiefly British) any cereal plant such as wheat, barley, or oats, or the harvested seed of cereal plants. [1/7 definitions]
groats hulled kernels of grain, esp. barley, buckwheat, or oats, often coarsely broken up.
malt sprouted grain, esp. barley, used mainly in brewing and distilling. [1/5 definitions]
scone a small, soft, usu. round bread or pastry made from oatmeal, barley meal, or the like.
Scotch broth a thick soup consisting of mutton, vegetables, and barley.
Scotch whisky whiskey that has been distilled in Scotland, usu. from malted barley.
whiskey an alcoholic liquor distilled from grains such as rye, barley, or corn and usu. containing forty to fifty percent alcohol. [1/2 definitions]