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bamboo curtain (sometimes cap.) a barrier to trade and diplomacy, based on ideological and political differences, that formerly existed between the People's Republic of China and the West, attributed by the latter to the secrecy and censorship practiced by the Chinese. (Cf. iron curtain.)
bar1 a length of rigid, solid material, often cylindrical in shape, generally used as a barrier or support. [1/13 definitions]
barbed wire a wire or strands of wire with barbs at regular intervals, used as a military barrier or fencing for livestock; barbwire.
barricade a hastily constructed barrier for protection or for obstructing passage. [1/3 definitions]
Berlin Wall a barrier first erected in 1961 that separated West Berlin from East Berlin, eventually fortified and extended to create a border between West Germany and East Germany, and ultimately opened to unrestricted transit on November 9, 1989, prior to being dismantled.
berm a low wall, mound, or barrier of earth, often one banked against the foundation of a building, to help insulate it. [1/3 definitions]
breakwater a barrier that disrupts waves before they reach a harbor or shore.
butt2 a target, or a barrier placed or built behind a target to stop projectiles. [1/5 definitions]
Coral Sea an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean located off the northwestern coast of Australia, extending to the north as far as New Guinea and the Soloman Islands and to the east by Vanuatu. The sea is the location of the Great Barrier Reef. It was also the scene of a fierce naval battle between Japan and the United States in World War II.
curtain anything that functions as a screen or barrier. [1/7 definitions]
dam1 a barrier built usu. across a waterway to restrict flow and raise the water level. [2/4 definitions]
embankment a mound or bank of earth or stone formed to support a roadway, serve as a protective barrier, or the like.
enclose to surround (land or property) with a fence or other barrier. [1/3 definitions]
fence to enclose within a barrier, esp. a fence, for purposes of protection or division (often fol. by "in," "off," or "out"). [1/5 definitions]
grille a grating, often of metal, used as a screen, barrier, or decoration over an opening such as a window or the ventilation area of an engine.
heat exchanger a device, such as automobile radiator, for transferring heat from a fluid on one side of a barrier to a fluid on the other side.
hurdle a movable or fixed barrier over which a runner or horse must leap in the course of certain races. [3/6 definitions]
iron curtain (sometimes cap.) the barrier to free communication and exchange of information which was attributed by Western nations to the secrecy and censorship of the Soviet Union after World War II.
Josephson junction an electronic device, used for high-speed switches in computers, that allows direct current to pass from one superconductor to another through a thin insulating barrier, by means of a radiating effect.
jump a barrier or obstacle to be cleared in jumping. [1/20 definitions]
pad1 a thick piece of gauze or other soft, sterile material used as a protective and absorbent covering, barrier, or sponge. [1/12 definitions]