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acorn the fruit of the oak tree, having a smooth, ovoid nut partially enclosed by a rough, cuplike base.
adenine in chemistry, a crystalline base that is a constituent of nucleic acid in organs such as the pancreas and spleen.
air base a military base for air force operations.
alchemy an ancient exploration and practice of chemistry which flourished particularly during medieval times. Practitioners used chemical processes in the hope of, for example, producing gold from base metals, finding the key to eternal life, and uncovering a single cure for all disease. [1/2 definitions]
alkali any of a category of base chemicals, made up of hydroxides of certain metals and of ammonium, which neutralize acids to form salts. [1/2 definitions]
alt.2 abbreviation of "altitude," the height of a given object or location above a specified base, such as sea level or earth, esp. the angular distance of a celestial body, measured from the horizon.
altitude the height of a given object or location above a specified base, such as sea level or earth. [1/4 definitions]
amphoteric in chemistry, able to function as both an acid and a base.
aspidistra a plant with broad, smooth evergreen leaves growing from the base of the stem, often cultivated as a houseplant.
backcourt in tennis, the part of the court between the base line and the service line. (Cf. forecourt.) [1/3 definitions]
back formation in linguistics, a word that appears to be the base of, but was actually formed from, another word, as "trivia" from "trivial".
bajada a smooth, sloping plain along the base of a mountain range, formed by eroded debris deposited by moving water.
balk in baseball, an unpermitted, usu. deceptive, motion by a pitcher with one or more runners on base. [1/7 definitions]
Barbary Coast the North African Mediterranean coast from Egypt to the Atlantic, formerly known as a base for pirates.
base1 to make or provide a foundation or base for. [1/7 definitions]
baseboard a board that serves as the base of something. [1/2 definitions]
baseburner a stove or furnace that feeds to the base of the unit additional fuel, such as coal, as needed.
base hit in baseball, a hit that allows the batter to get on base safely, without an error or force-out being made.
base line in baseball, the area within which a runner must stay while running from base to base. [2/3 definitions]
baseman in baseball, a player covering first, second, or third base.
base on balls in baseball, an advance to first base taken by a batter to whom four balls have been pitched. (See walk.)