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backboard in basketball, the board to which the basket is attached. [1/2 definitions]
balloon such a bag with a basket or gondola connected to it, used to transport passengers or scientific equipment. [1/8 definitions]
basket weave a weave in fabrics that gives an appearance similar to that of a woven basket.
basketwork objects or materials having the weave of, or made like, a basket.
bassinet an oblong basket with a hood over one end, used as a cradle for infants.
breadbasket a basket for holding or serving bread. [1/2 definitions]
carryall2 a large bag or basket, carried by one person.
frail2 a basket made of dried rushes and used esp. for holding dried fruits.
free throw in basketball, an unhindered shot at the basket from the foul line; foul shot.
gabion a round wicker basket filled with stones or earth, used in building fortifications. [1/2 definitions]
gondola a basket, car, or sling suspended below a balloon or dirigible, used for carrying passengers or instruments. [1/5 definitions]
hamper2 a large receptacle, usu. a basket with a lid or cover, as for picnic supplies or dirty laundry.
handwoven woven by hand, as a basket, or woven on a handloom.
hook shot in basketball, a shot made, with the body sideways to the basket, by the far hand arcing the ball over the head.
hoop (informal) in basketball, the basket. [1/7 definitions]
hot-air balloon a bag made of thin material that is inflated with hot air, causing it to rise and float in the atmosphere. Large hot-air balloons can be attached to a basket or gondola, and used to transport people or equipment.
jai alai a game somewhat similar to handball but played on a larger court, in which players have a curved basket strapped to the wrist for catching and hurling the ball.
monk's cloth a heavy cotton fabric in a basket weave, used esp. for bedspreads and curtains.
oxford a cotton cloth woven in a plain or basket-weave pattern, used esp. for shirts. [1/2 definitions]
pannier a large basket, often carried on a person's back, or as one of a pair carried by a pack animal.
pelota a court game in which the players hit a ball against a wall using a long basket tied to a wrist. [1/2 definitions]