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anode the negative terminal of a battery. (Cf. cathode.)
carbon in a battery, a rod or plate composed partly of carbon. [1/7 definitions]
cathode the positive terminal of a battery. (Cf. anode.)
cell a device for generating electricity by chemical means, as in a battery. [1/4 definitions]
cordless requiring no electric cord for use; battery-operated or rechargeable. [1/2 definitions]
cordless phone a telephone that consists of a battery-operated handset that communicates across short distances via radio waves to an electrically-powered unit that must be connected to a telephone line in order to function.
dry battery a dry cell, or a battery made up of several connected dry cells.
emplacement a space or platform on which to position a gun or a battery of guns. [1/2 definitions]
flashlight a hand-held, usu. battery-powered lamp.
jumper cables a pair of thick electrical cables with clamps on all four ends, used to charge a dead automobile battery from a live one; booster cables.
jump-start to start (a motor vehicle) either by rolling or pushing (it) with the ignition on and suddenly releasing the clutch, or by connecting the dead battery to a live battery with jumper cables. [1/2 definitions]
plug-in electric vehicle any motor vehicle powered by battery packs that can be recharged using an external source of electricity.
polar of or pertaining to the poles of an electric battery, magnet, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
pole2 either of the opposite ends of a magnet, or either of the charged terminals of an electric battery. [1/4 definitions]
power pack a portable device that converts the incoming power-line or battery-generated voltage to the voltages required by the various components of an electronic system, such as a radio or television amplifier.
primary cell a battery cell in which electric current is generated by an irreversible electrochemical reaction, and which therefore cannot be recharged efficiently.
rocket launcher a weapon that is carried by hand or mounted on a vehicle and fires rockets, or a vehicle designed to carry a battery of such weapons.
stun gun a portable, battery-operated instrument that gives a strong electrical shock when it is pressed into contact with someone, used esp. by law officers or in self-defense.
torch (chiefly British) a hand-held, usu. battery-powered lamp; flashlight. [1/6 definitions]
voltaic battery a battery that consists of one or more voltaic cells.
walkie-talkie a small, battery-powered radio set that transmits and receives, readily carried by one person.