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electron tube a sealed, tube-shaped container in which a pair of electrodes controls the flow of electrons through a vacuum or very low-pressure gas.
ice cube one of the small, usually cube-shaped, pieces of ice made by freezing water in a divided tray, which may be added to drinks or packed around things to keep them cold; ice.
mescal one of two species of cactus, esp. a small, globe-shaped plant with buttonlike projections that are chewed as a hallucinogenic drug by certain Mexican Indians during religious ceremonies. [1/2 definitions]
pipefish any of various elongated, bony-plated fishes found in marine or fresh waters that have tube-shaped snouts.
tube sock a tube-shaped elasticized sock lacking a shaped heel.
vessel one of the many tube-shaped structures through which blood and other bodily fluids are carried; artery; vein. [1/4 definitions]