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Aquarius an autumn zodiacal constellation located between Capricornus and Pisces; Water Bearer. [1/3 definitions]
carry to act as a bearer. [1/16 definitions]
coupon a small printed slip of paper that entitles the bearer to something of value or potential, such as a discount or a chance in a sweepstakes. [1/3 definitions]
courtesy card a card that identifies the bearer and entitles him or her to certain privileges, as at a store, bank, hotel, or club.
Gabriel according to the Bible, an angel regarded as a messenger of God and the bearer of good news, who in later writings is referred to as an archangel.
letter of credit a letter from a bank authorizing the bearer to withdraw specified sums of money, usu. from other banks, finance houses, or agencies, to be charged to the bank that issued the letter.
meal ticket a ticket entitling the bearer to one or more meals at a specified cafeteria or restaurant, esp. at a lower price.
rain check a ticket stub entitling the bearer to attend an outdoor event such as a baseball game at a future date because the original event was rained out. [1/2 definitions]
scrip a certificate representing the right of the bearer to redeem it later for specified cash or property, or such certificates collectively. [1/3 definitions]
visa permission granted by an appropriate national official, and so indicated on a passport, that its bearer may travel within that nation. [1/2 definitions]