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adder's-tongue any of various ferns with a single sporeless leaflike frond and a slender spore-bearing spike or stalk that suggests a snake's tongue. [1/2 definitions]
afferent bearing or leading toward a central organ or part, as nerves that conduct impulses to the spinal column or as veins that carry blood to the heart.
air the peculiar character, manner, bearing, or aspect of a person or thing. [1/8 definitions]
amaranth a plant having coarse leaves and bearing purplish clusters of small flowers. [1/3 definitions]
amaryllis any of a group of bulbous plants bearing a lilylike rose-colored blossom.
apocarpous having distinctly separate seed-bearing organs, as the strawberry.
araucaria a cone-bearing evergreen native to the Southern Hemisphere and grown as an ornamental elsewhere.
arbutus an evergreen tree or shrub of the heath family having broad dark green leaves and bearing clusters of pink or white flowers and small strawberrylike fruit. [2 definitions]
areca any of several tall palm trees of tropical Asia, such as the betel palm, having a smooth, slender trunk and feathery leaves and bearing red or orange nuts. [1/2 definitions]
aristocrat one who has the manners, tastes, bearing, or the like of such a class. [1/3 definitions]
armed holding or bearing weapons. [1/4 definitions]
arum any of a family of plants, such as jack-in-the-pulpit, with arrow-shaped leaves and bearing a flower, at the tip of a long spike, that is enclosed by a hoodlike leaf. [1/2 definitions]
asphodel any of several flowering plants related to lilies, with tall spikes bearing clusters of usu. yellow or white flowers.
auriferous having gold as a component; gold-bearing.
bald cypress a cone-bearing tree that grows in the swamps of the southeastern United States, the wood of which is used in construction and shipbuilding.
ball bearing a bearing composed of a track containing freely rolling metal balls, against which or within which a shaft or other part can rotate without friction. [2 definitions]
barley a cereal plant bearing bristled grains on densely packed spikes. [1/2 definitions]
barren incapable of conceiving and bearing young; sterile. [1/5 definitions]
bean any of various types of leguminous or bean-bearing plants. [1/5 definitions]
begonia a tropical plant of which some species are cultivated as houseplants, bearing bright, waxy flowers of various colors and having leaves that are often varicolored or veined.
belladonna a poisonous plant bearing purplish red flowers and black berries; deadly nightshade. [1/2 definitions]