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acid rain rain that has high acidity because of being mixed with pollutants such as vehicle exhausts and residues from burning of fossil fuels for energy or from chemical manufacturing.
active immunity an organism's immunity to a disease because of its production of antibodies.
Adonis in Greek mythology, a young man loved by Aphrodite because of his great beauty. [1/2 definitions]
adulterate impure or inferior because of added ingredients. [1/3 definitions]
afraid feeling great reluctance, esp. because of fear. [1/3 definitions]
aged having certain improvements because of age or maturity. [1/5 definitions]
airsick nauseated because of air travel; suffering from airsickness.
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis a disease that causes loss of control in muscle movement because of the degeneration of nerve cells; Lou Gehrig's disease.
anabatic pertaining to wind currents that rise because of heat pockets and the like.
a new lease on life an opportunity to live a happier life because of improved circumstances.
ashamed reluctant because of the anticipation of shame or embarrassment. [1/3 definitions]
attractive able to gain the attention or admiration of another because of appealing qualities of mind or body. [1/2 definitions]
back up to accumulate because of inability to flow or be processed in a timely fashion. [1/8 definitions]
beat-up (informal) in poor or damaged condition because of age or hard use; in disrepair; shabby.
bloat a disease of sheep and cattle characterized by swelling of the abdomen because of gas. [1/5 definitions]
blow2 to become destroyed or dysfunctional because of an explosion or overload. [1/14 definitions]
blue-chip denoting common stock that commands a high price because of its record of steady earnings. [1/2 definitions]
bounce (informal) of a check or draft, to be sent back by a bank because of insufficient funds in the account from which it was drawn. [1/10 definitions]
bumble1 to spoil or do badly because of clumsiness; botch. [1/2 definitions]
burnout inability to perform normally because of prolonged stress or tiredness. [1/3 definitions]
burn out to become extinguished or stop functioning because of excessive friction or heat. [1/4 definitions]