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beetle2 to use a beetle on. [1/3 definitions]
boll weevil a small, grayish beetle with a long snout, whose larvae hatch in and destroy cotton bolls.
coleopteran a beetle or weevil. [1/2 definitions]
Colorado beetle a black and yellow beetle that eats potatoes and other plants.
glowworm any of several insects of the beetle family with abdominal organs that give off light, such as the larvae or wingless females of the firefly.
grub the slow-moving, wormlike larva of a beetle or similar insect. [1/8 definitions]
Japanese beetle a shiny green and brown beetle, originally from Asia, that eats the leaves, fruits, flowers, and roots of plants.
potato beetle a small black and yellow beetle that is harmful to potatoes and other crops; Colorado beetle.
rose chafer a long-legged gray beetle that feeds on and damages roses and other plants; rose bug; rose beetle.
scarab a small carving made to look like such a beetle, and used in ancient Egypt as a charm. [1/2 definitions]
shard the tough wing case of a beetle. [1/2 definitions]
Spanish fly a potentially dangerous powder made by grinding a species of European blister beetle and formerly used as a diuretic or aphrodisiac. [2 definitions]
weevil any of numerous beetles with a long head that curves downward forming a snout, and that feeds on plants and plant products such as fruits, nuts, grain, cotton, or the like; snout beetle.
whirligig a whirligig beetle. [1/3 definitions]