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cheapen to belittle or reduce in a disparaging way. [1/4 definitions]
denigrate to deny the worth of; sneer at; belittle. [1/2 definitions]
depreciate to disparage or treat as having little value; belittle. [1/3 definitions]
diminish to detract from the honor or reputation of; disparage; belittle. [1/3 definitions]
disparage to depreciate or belittle, esp. in speech. [1/2 definitions]
downgrade to reduce or minimize the importance of; belittle. [1/5 definitions]
misprize to belittle or discredit; undervalue.
pooh-pooh to dismiss lightly; belittle.
slur to speak of disparagingly; belittle. [1/8 definitions]
talk down to belittle; underestimate.