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beneficent resulting in an improvement or advantage; beneficial. [1/2 definitions]
benign favorable or beneficial. [1/4 definitions]
benignant beneficial. [1/3 definitions]
benignity the quality or condition of being kind or beneficial; benignancy.
boon1 something beneficial, as a favor or blessing.
consumerism the idea that the consumption of goods is beneficial to society or its economy. [1/2 definitions]
do somebody good to have a beneficial effect on someone.
dysfunctional of a relationship, family, or social group, not working normally or in a way beneficial to all. [1/2 definitions]
enjoyment the possession or use of something beneficial. [1/3 definitions]
footsie the act of flirting, or of encouraging a close, mutually beneficial, and usu. secret relationship. [1/2 definitions]
good having qualities that are desired, enjoyed, or beneficial; desirable. [1/24 definitions]
grateful beneficial or pleasing; welcome. [1/2 definitions]
healthful beneficial to the health. [1/2 definitions]
play footsie with to engage in or strive for a close, mutually beneficial, surreptitious relationship or cooperation. [1/2 definitions]
plus positive or beneficial. [1/7 definitions]
profitable beneficial; advantageous. [1/2 definitions]
salutary having or intended to have a beneficial effect. [1/2 definitions]
sleep the state of a person or animal that is sleeping, or this state viewed as beneficial activity to restore the body. [1/9 definitions]
stomachic of, relating to, or beneficial to the stomach. [1/2 definitions]
succeed to have a positive, beneficial, or favorable result or outcome. [1/4 definitions]
sweetheart contract an official agreement secretly negotiated between an employer and union leaders containing terms beneficial to management and detrimental to union members; sweetheart deal; sweetheart agreement.