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backspin a reverse spin put on a ball, such as a billiard or tennis ball, that causes it to stop suddenly or move in a backward direction.
baize a woolen cloth similar to felt, usu. green and mainly used to cover billiard tables.
balkline a line parallel and close to one end of a billiard table, from behind which the opening shot is made.
billiard a billiard shot in which the cue ball hits two other balls in succession. [1/2 definitions]
cushion the inward rim of a billiard table. [1/5 definitions]
kiss of a billiard ball or other object, to lightly touch or brush (another). [2/8 definitions]
lancewood any of several tropical trees or the durable elastic wood they yield, used for fishing rods, billiard cues, and carriage shafts.
pool table a billiard table with a pocket at each corner and at the middle of both long sides, on which pool is played.