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adjure to command or bind as by oath. [1/2 definitions]
band2 to tie with a strip of material in order to identify or bind; put a band on. [1/4 definitions]
bandage a strip of fabric used to protect or bind a wound or other injury. [1/3 definitions]
bond to bind together. [1/6 definitions]
bound1 past tense and past participle of bind. [1/5 definitions]
cord to tie or bind with a cord or cords. [1/8 definitions]
enchain to bind or restrain with, or as though with, chains. [1/2 definitions]
enlace to encircle, bind, or wind about with or as if with a cord or lace. [1/2 definitions]
fagot to make a bundle of; bind. [1/4 definitions]
gird to surround, bind, or encircle, as with a belt. [1/3 definitions]
girth to tie or bind with a girth. [1/4 definitions]
indenture to bind by contract into service to another, esp. as an apprentice. [1/5 definitions]
interleave to insert or bind an interleaf or interleaves in.
lash2 to bind or tie down with a rope, cord, or chain.
ligate to tie up or bind (a bleeding artery) with a ligature.
ligature to tie up or bind with a ligature. [1/4 definitions]
monomer in chemistry, a molecule that can bind with others having similar characteristics to form a polymer.
obligate to bind legally or morally; constrain. [1/3 definitions]
opioid receptor any of a group of protein molecules that bind opioids, resulting in an inhibitory response.
pinion2 to bind (the arms) so as to restrain someone. [1/7 definitions]
pledge to bind by demanding a solemn promise. [1/10 definitions]