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archbishop a highest ranking bishop who officiates over a church diocese or province.
archdeacon a church official ranking just below a bishop and responsible for the administration of a diocese. [1/2 definitions]
bishopric the diocese overseen by a bishop. [2 definitions]
cathedra the official seat of a bishop.
coadjutor an assistant, esp. the principal assistant of a bishop.
crosier a staff topped by a crook or cross, borne by or before an abbot, bishop, or archbishop as a sign of his office.
diocesan the bishop of authority in a diocese. [1/2 definitions]
diocese a group of churches or an administrative region under the jurisdiction of a bishop; bishopric.
enthrone to give (someone) the office and authority of a king or, occasionally, a bishop. [1/3 definitions]
episcopacy the office or term of a bishop. [1/3 definitions]
episcopal of or relating to a bishop or government of a church by bishops. [1/2 definitions]
episcopate the office, term, or post of a bishop. [2/3 definitions]
Lord Spiritual a bishop or an archbishop who is a member of the British House of Lords. (Cf. Lord Temporal.)
major order the rank of deacon, priest, or bishop, as in the Roman Catholic or Episcopal churches.
metropolitan a bishop who is the head of a church province, as in the Eastern Orthodox Church. [1/7 definitions]
patriarch in some churches, a high-ranking bishop or other official. [1/4 definitions]
pontiff a bishop. [1/3 definitions]
pope (often cap.) the bishop of Rome, head of the Roman Catholic Church. [1/3 definitions]
prelate a church official of high rank, such as a bishop.
priest a clergyman below the rank of bishop. [1/3 definitions]
Roman Catholic Church a Christian church organized into a hierarchy of bishops and priests that is headed by the pope, or Bishop of Rome; Latin Church.