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bit4 past tense and a past participle of bite.
bitten a past participle of bite.
black widow a small spider, widespread in the United States, of which the female has a shiny, black body with an hourglass-shaped red mark on its underside, a poisonous but usu. not fatal bite, and a reputation for sometimes devouring its mate.
bug bite (informal) the bite or sting of an insect or the resulting wound or swelling.
champ1 to bite down on impatiently; grind against with the teeth. [1/4 definitions]
chomp to chew or bite on something, usu. heavily, vigorously or noisily (often fol. by "on"). [2/3 definitions]
cone shell any of several tropical marine snails, most of which have a poisonous bite.
crib-biting the habit of horses to bite at wood, as of a stall or feed trough, and swallow harmful amounts of air while doing so.
gadfly any of various flies, such as the horsefly or botfly, that bite and pester livestock. [1/3 definitions]
gnat any of numerous very small flying insects, some of which bite or sting.
gnaw to bite or chew repeatedly on. [2/6 definitions]
hydrophobia a deadly viral disease of the central nervous system, usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal; rabies. [1/2 definitions]
mordacious biting or tending to bite. [1/2 definitions]
morsel a bite-sized amount; small piece or bit. [1/2 definitions]
mouthful as much as is normally taken into the mouth at one time; bite or sip. [1/4 definitions]
nagana a disease of livestock transmitted by the bite of infected tsetse flies.
nibble to bite gently and repeatedly (often fol. by "at"). [5/8 definitions]
nip1 to bite sharply; give a nip. [2/8 definitions]
pungency sharpness or bite in taste or smell.
rabies an infectious viral disease of mammals usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, causing inflammation of the central nervous system that results in violent and irrational behavior followed by death if not treated.
ratbite fever either of two infectious diseases transmitted by the bites of rats or other animals, one characterized by inflammation, back and joint pains, headache, and vomiting, and the other by a purplish rash, recurrent fever, and ulceration near the bite.