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crackpot (informal) a person whose behavior or ideas are considered bizarre. [2 definitions]
crazy (informal) unpredictable or odd; bizarre. [2/8 definitions]
fantasy imagination or something imagined, esp. if fanciful, exaggerated, or bizarre. [1/5 definitions]
gonzo (slang) esp. in journalism, bizarre, exaggerated, and intentionally subjective.
kinky (informal) characterized by odd or bizarre qualities, particularly with regard to sexual activity. [1/2 definitions]
lunatic someone who acts in a bizarre or wild manner. [1/5 definitions]
outlandish strikingly unusual, odd, or bizarre.
outrageous extreme or bizarre in behavior, appearance, speech, or opinions. [1/3 definitions]
surreal bizarre, weird, or eerie. [1/2 definitions]
theater of the absurd a form of avant-garde theatrical production that stresses the individual's isolation in a meaningless or bizarre world.