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Airedale one of a breed of large, long-legged terriers with wiry tan hair and black markings.
black-market to buy or sell on the black market.
black marketeer one who buys or sells in the black market.
blue jay a common jay of eastern North America, with a crest, a bright blue upper body and head, and distinctive white and black markings.
cecropia moth (sometimes cap.) a very large North American moth that has wide brown wings with crescent-shaped red and black markings.
dickcissel a sparrowlike American songbird characterized, in the male, by a yellow breast and a black mark at the throat.
oryx any of various large antelopes of Africa and southwestern Asia that have long, straight horns and grayish coats with black markings.
tropic bird a tropical seabird characterized by white plumage, black markings, and a pair of very long tail feathers.