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antichlor any of several substances used to remove excess chlorine bleach from materials, such as paper or fabric, that have been bleached.
blanch to remove color from; make white; bleach. [1/5 definitions]
bleachable combined form of bleach.
chlorine a compound of chlorine, such as sodium hypochlorite, that releases small quantities of chlorine gas when dissolved, used as bleach, a water disinfectant, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
etiolate to keep (a plant or the like) a light color by preventing exposure to sunlight; blanch; bleach. [1/3 definitions]
hydrogen peroxide an unstable compound of hydrogen and oxygen whose water solution is used mostly as an antiseptic or bleach.
overbleach combined form of bleach.
oxalic acid a poisonous, colorless acid used as a cleansing agent, laundry bleach, and laboratory reagent.
peroxide to use hydrogen peroxide to bleach (hair). [1/3 definitions]
sodium thiosulfate a white crystalline compound, used as a fixing agent in photography, and as a bleach and antichlor; sodium hyposulfite, hyposulfite, or hypo.
sulfurous acid an acid with a suffocating aroma of sulfur, occurring in solution with water or in salt form and used as a bleach, disinfectant, and reagent.
zinc sulfate a colorless crystalline compound used medicinally as an astringent or emetic, and as a preservative for wood and skins, a bleach for paper, a fungicide, and the like.