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basswood any of several types of linden tree, esp. the American linden, characterized by a yearly bloom of fragrant yellow flowers. [1/2 definitions]
crocus any of several small plants, related to the iris, that grow from a bulb and bloom in early spring with a single colorful flower.
day lily any of several wild and cultivated varieties of lily whose multiple, trumpet-shaped flowers each bloom for a single day.
Easter lily any of various white-flowered lilies that are artificially brought into bloom for Easter Sunday, used esp. to decorate the altars of Christian churches on Easter.
effloresce to flower vigorously; bloom. [1/2 definitions]
florescence the act, state, or time of blossoming; bloom.
flower to blossom or produce flowers, as a plant; bloom; mature. [1/6 definitions]
forsythia any of several wild or cultivated early-blooming shrubs bearing bright yellow flowers that bloom along the length of long, thin branches.
full-blown at peak bloom. [1/2 definitions]
goldenrod any of various plants that bloom in late summer or early fall with fronds of small, usu. yellow flowers atop tall stiff stems.
magnolia any of a number of widely distributed trees or shrubs, usu. with large, colorful, aromatic flowers that bloom before the leaves appear. [1/2 definitions]
mayflower any of various flowers that bloom in May, esp. arbutus, anemone, hawthorn, or cowslip. [1/2 definitions]
night-blooming cereus any of several American cacti bearing large, fragrant flowers that bloom at night.
overblown2 past the stage of best bloom; senescent.
pasqueflower any of various low-growing plants related to the anemone, that bloom in the spring bearing purple or white flowers.
rebloom combined form of bloom.