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agglutinate to become bonded together, as though by glue. [2/4 definitions]
cement to become cemented or bonded. [1/6 definitions]
chelate in chemistry, of or designating a compound in which the central metallic ion is bonded with two or more nonmetallic atoms to form a closed chain. [1/7 definitions]
cladding a metal bonded to another metal as a protective coating. [1/2 definitions]
close-knit closely joined or organized; bonded tightly.
glaze to apply a smooth, usu. bonded coating to (pottery) with heat. [1/9 definitions]
laminated composed of or compressed from thin layers, often bonded together. [1/2 definitions]
nonbonded combined form of bonded.
three-ply having three layers, strands, or the like bonded or woven together.
veneer a very thin layer of fine wood or the like that is bonded to a cheaper material to form a more attractive surface. [1/6 definitions]