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Cub Scout a member of the junior division of the Boy Scouts of America, for boys between eight and eleven.
Eagle Scout the highest rank in the Boy Scouts. [2 definitions]
jamboree a gathering of members from many places, esp. an international gathering, as of Boy Scouts. [1/2 definitions]
Scout (chiefly British) a member of the Scouts, an international organization for youth; Boy Scout; Girl Scout.
scout a member of a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop. [1/8 definitions]
scoutcraft skills learned in organizations such as the Boy Scouts.
scoutmaster the adult in charge of a Boy Scout troop.
tenderfoot a new member of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of America. [1/3 definitions]
troop a group of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts under the guidance of an adult leader. [1/7 definitions]