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braid to decorate or edge with ribbon or braid. [1/5 definitions]
cordon a showy cord or braid used as a fastening or ornament. [1/3 definitions]
cue2 to form (hair) into a braid hanging down from the back of the head. [1/4 definitions]
frog2 a decorative fastener, as on a coat or jacket, with a button or knot on one side of the opening and a loop on the other side, usu. made of braid or cord.
galloon a braid or trimming made of lace, metallic thread, or worsted.
lacing a lace or braid that trims garments, uniforms, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
pigtail a braid of hair that hangs downward from the back of the head.
plait strands, as of hair or cloth, woven together; braid. [2/5 definitions]
plat2 a braid or plait. [2 definitions]
queue a single hanging braid of hair; pigtail. [1/4 definitions]
rickrack a flat strip of zigzag braid or ribbon used as trimming on clothing, cloth furnishings, and the like.
stripe1 a band of cloth or braid worn on a uniform, often as an indication of time served. [1/5 definitions]
tieback a strip of fabric, braid, or the like, looped around the width of a curtain or drape to hold it open to one side of a window or door.