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achievement something successfully carried through, esp. through bold or brave action or thought. [1/2 definitions]
adventurer one who seeks fortune through risky or brave actions; soldier of fortune. [1/3 definitions]
bear up to face hardship without despairing; withstand difficulty or stress; be brave; endure.
bold brave; daring. [1/5 definitions]
bravery the quality or condition of being brave; fearlessness; courage. [1/2 definitions]
doughty consistently brave and strong; courageous.
fearless without fear; undaunted; brave.
game adventurous in spirit; brave. [1/9 definitions]
hearty a brave fellow or workmate, esp. a sailor. [1/6 definitions]
lionhearted extremely brave or courageous.
manful having or showing qualities associated with manhood; staunch or brave.
nervy showing great courage or endurance; brave. [1/2 definitions]
stout-hearted brave and determined; not easily frightened or discouraged; dauntless.
valiant showing or characterized by courage in both spirit and action; brave; heroic. [2/3 definitions]
venture to undertake despite potential danger; brave the hazards of. [2/6 definitions]
venturesome tending to take risks; brave. [1/2 definitions]
wooden Indian a carved wooden statue of a standing American Indian brave, formerly placed as an advertisement in front of cigar stores.