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barratry in law, a breach of duty by a ship's captain or crew that results in loss to the ship's owner. [1/2 definitions]
bilge to breach the lower part of (a ship's hull). [1/5 definitions]
breach to make an opening or breach in; break through. [1/7 definitions]
cashier2 to dismiss from a position of trust or responsibility, esp. for serious breach of duty.
chasm any gap or breach. [1/3 definitions]
forfeit lost or surrendered as a penalty for some crime, offense, or breach of rules. [1/6 definitions]
infraction an act or instance of breaking or violating, usu. a rule or law; violation or breach.
offense a violation of a law, rule, or standard of conduct; crime, sin, or breach of good conduct. [1/6 definitions]
perfidy an act or the practice of conscious, deliberate disloyalty or treachery; breach of faith.
petard an explosive device formerly used in warfare to breach a defensive fortification.
rift a break in social relations, because of a difference of opinion, quarrel, or the like; breach. [1/4 definitions]
rupture a breach in friendly social, family, or international relations. [1/6 definitions]
split a breach between two or more people. [1/16 definitions]
violate to break or breach (a law, contract, covenant, or the like). [1/4 definitions]