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B and B abbreviation of "Bed and Breakfast," an establishment offering lodging and breakfast. [1/2 definitions]
blend in linguistics, a word made by combining two other words, such as "brunch" from "breakfast" and "lunch". [1/8 definitions]
breakfast to eat breakfast. [1/2 definitions]
brunch a meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch, usu. eaten in the late morning. [1/2 definitions]
cereal food processed from grain, esp. a breakfast food. [1/4 definitions]
continental breakfast a light breakfast, usu. consisting of rolls or pastries and coffee or tea, like that eaten in most European countries.
cornflakes a commercially prepared breakfast cereal made of small toasted flakes of coarse cornmeal, usu. eaten in milk.
dinette a small section of a room, esp. of a kitchen, that is used as an informal dining area; breakfast nook. [1/2 definitions]
granola a dry, often baked mixture of grains, raisins, nuts, honey, and the like, eaten as a snack or breakfast cereal.
prebreakfast combined form of breakfast.
scrapple cornmeal mush mixed with pork scraps, dried in a roll or loaf, then sliced, fried, and served as a breakfast sausage.
sweet roll a round, sweetened bread made from rolled dough, served as a single portion, and eaten generally as a breakfast food. Sweet rolls may contain cinnamon, raisins, nuts, or other flavorings and may be topped with icing.