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animal husbandry the science or practice of raising and breeding domestic animals, such as livestock.
at stud for hire for breeding, as a stallion.
better (sometimes pl.) a person of superior rank, ability, intelligence, or breeding. [1/14 definitions]
blooded (of animals) having ancestors of good breeding; purebred. [1/2 definitions]
breeder one whose occupation is breeding plants or animals. [1/3 definitions]
brood kept for the purpose of breeding. [1/7 definitions]
broodmare a mare kept primarily for breeding.
common having or showing low breeding or behavior. [1/9 definitions]
crossbreed to cause (a hybrid organism) to be produced by breeding two different varieties of the same species. [1/3 definitions]
doggy2 (informal) fond of dogs, or involved in dog-breeding. [1/2 definitions]
egret any of several usu. white herons that grow long, drooping plumes in breeding season. [1/2 definitions]
eugenics (used with a sing. verb) the study of or belief in the genetic improvement of the human race through control of breeding.
flyway a specific air route taken regularly by birds on their semiannual migrations to and from their breeding grounds.
gentlefolk people of good family and breeding, usu. of high social standing.
hybrid produced by cross-breeding. [1/6 definitions]
in stud for hire for breeding, as a stallion.
interbreed to produce offspring by breeding with an individual of a different race or species. [2/4 definitions]
lady a woman of high social position, good manners, or good breeding. [1/3 definitions]
lowbred characteristic of or showing poor breeding; displaying coarse behavior; rude. [1/2 definitions]
mate1 to bring (animals) together for the purpose of breeding. [1/9 definitions]
nonbreeding combined form of breeding.