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air movement of the atmosphere; breeze or wind. [1/8 definitions]
aspen any of several poplar trees whose leaves flutter in the slightest breeze.
breezeless combined form of breeze.
cat's-paw a light breeze that ruffles the surface of the water over a small area. [1/2 definitions]
mare's-tail a narrow, filmy, sweeping band of cirrus cloud that resembles a horse's tail blowing in the breeze. [1/2 definitions]
mobile a decorative object or work of art, usu. suspended, made of pieces that are connected by wire or string and that move when touched by a breeze. (Cf. stabile.) [1/6 definitions]
quaking aspen a North American poplar, the small, roundish leaves of which tremble in even a slight breeze.
sea breeze a breeze that blows inland from the sea.
waft a wafting movement, as of a breeze or a wave of water. [1/6 definitions]
windless lacking wind or a breeze. [1/2 definitions]
zephyr a soft breeze.