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blanch to boil or scald (food) briefly, as in removing the skins of nuts and fruits or preparing fruits and vegetables for freezing. [1/5 definitions]
bloater a herring or mackerel cured by salting, smoking, and briefly drying. [1/2 definitions]
catnap to sleep briefly; doze. [1/2 definitions]
compendious briefly summarizing or abstracting all the essentials; concise but complete.
dip to drop or plunge briefly into or as if into a liquid. [2/15 definitions]
ephemeral something that lives or lasts only briefly. [1/3 definitions]
epitomize to summarize briefly. [1/2 definitions]
fad a fashion or behavior taken up briefly but enthusiastically; craze.
faint to lose consciousness, usu. briefly; swoon. [1/5 definitions]
flaring of a flame, increasing suddenly and briefly in intensity. [1/2 definitions]
flash to expose one's genitals or breasts briefly in public in order to shock others. [2/17 definitions]
flashcard any of a set of cards bearing words, numbers, or pictures, flashed briefly before a student or class to prompt a quick response in a drill.
glance to remark on or consider something briefly and in passing. [1/6 definitions]
gleam to appear suddenly or briefly. [1/5 definitions]
glint to give off flickers or small flashes of reflected light; shine briefly. [2/4 definitions]
in a nutshell in a few words; briefly.
indicate to briefly state or express. [1/3 definitions]
in passing briefly; incidentally.
look over to inspect or examine, often briefly.
moon (slang) to briefly expose one's bare buttocks, as a prank. [1/6 definitions]
nap1 to sleep briefly, esp. during daylight hours. [1/3 definitions]