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aureate splendid, brilliant, or ornate, sometimes affectedly, as an overly artificial literary style. [1/2 definitions]
bird of paradise any of several brightly colored African plants, esp. a perennial cultivated for its large brilliant orange or yellow blue-tongued flower that resembles a bird. [1/2 definitions]
bright brilliant or vivid, as in color or gloss. [1/7 definitions]
cochineal insect any of a family of tropical insects that feeds on certain cactuses, esp. in Mexico, the female of which is the source of a brilliant red dye.
colorful having many colors; brilliant in color. [1/2 definitions]
coup a brilliant and successful action or maneuver. [1/2 definitions]
dazzle to excite admiration by being brilliant. [1/6 definitions]
effulgent shining brightly; radiant; brilliant.
emblazon to ornament or decorate in brilliant colors. [1/5 definitions]
emerald a gemstone of brilliant, transparent, dark green beryl. [1/2 definitions]
fireworks (sometimes used with a sing. verb) devices that burn or explode to produce noise, bright light, or a brilliant display of colors. [1/3 definitions]
flash a sudden, brilliant light that vanishes almost instantly. [4/17 definitions]
flashy brilliant or impressive on the surface or for a short time only. [2 definitions]
galaxy a group of brilliant, beautiful, or prominent people. [1/3 definitions]
gas mantle an incombustible meshwork hood for a gas jet or kerosene wick that gives off a brilliant incandescent light when a flame is lit within it.
glitter brilliant attractiveness; apparent splendor. [1/6 definitions]
heavyweight (informal) an esp. influential or brilliant person. [1/6 definitions]
lambent playful and brilliant, as wit. [1/3 definitions]
lead glass a brilliant optical glass containing lead oxide, characterized by high refraction and low dispersion; flint glass; crystal.
luminous intellectually brilliant; enlightened. [1/3 definitions]
luster brilliant emitted or reflected light; brightness; radiance. [1/5 definitions]