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Bahamas a British commonwealth composed of these islands; Commonwealth of the Bahamas. [1/2 definitions]
Commonwealth Day in much of the British Commonwealth, the second Monday in March, when the Commonwealth is recognized.
dominion (often cap.) one of the self-ruling nations, other than the United Kingdom, within the British Commonwealth. [1/3 definitions]
Elizabeth II the queen of the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth from 1952 to 2022 (b. 1926--d. 2022).
high commissioner a diplomatic representative of ambassadorial rank, representing one member country of the British Commonwealth to another. [1/2 definitions]
Rhodes scholarship any of a number of scholarships at Oxford University in England, established for selected British Commonwealth and U.S. students.
shilling a former monetary unit of several countries of the British Commonwealth, including Ireland and Jamaica. [1/3 definitions]
Victoria Cross the highest military decoration in the British Commonwealth, awarded for conspicuous valor.