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-blast bud, embryo, cell layer, or other generative unit.
bud1 any of various small, round parts, such as a taste bud. [1/7 definitions]
bulb a plant bud that begins to grow underground. [1/3 definitions]
caper2 the flower bud of this shrub, which is pickled and eaten as a garnish or condiment. [1/2 definitions]
clove1 the dried flower bud of an East Indian tree, used as a spice. [1/2 definitions]
foliation the arrangement of leaves in a bud or on a plant. [1/6 definitions]
gemma in biology, a group of cells or a bud that separates from its parent to develop into a new individual.
gemmate to have or increase by gemmae; bud. [1/2 definitions]
gemmule in biology, a bud or small gemma capable of developing into a new individual.
germ a rudimentary biological part, such as a bud, seed, or embryo, that gives rise to further growth or development. [1/3 definitions]
leaf bud a bud that produces stems and leaves, but not flowers.
node a usu. thickened part or joint of a plant stem, from which a leaf or bud may grow. [1/2 definitions]
papilla a small bodily projection that resembles a nipple, such as a taste bud on the tongue, a protuberance at the root of a hair, or a pimple.
plumule the bud of the ascending axis of a plant that is still in embryo. [1/2 definitions]
pullulate to begin to grow or sprout out; germinate; bud. [1/3 definitions]
rosebud the bud of a rose, or something resembling it.
sense organ a specialized organ or structure of the body, such as an eye or taste bud, that receives stimuli and transmits them to the brain; receptor.
sprout to start to grow, as a shoot or bud. [2/6 definitions]
stolon a stem growing on or just under the soil from which new leaves or plants bud. [2 definitions]
terminal appearing or growing at the end of a stem, branch, or the like, as a bud or flower. [1/11 definitions]
vernation the arrangement of leaves in a bud.