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Alpine in anthropology, a physical type of Caucasians with a medium complexion and stocky build. [1/4 definitions]
amino acid any of the organic acids necessary to build proteins and sustain life, some of which cannot be synthesized in the body and so must be consumed in the diet.
anticlimax a disappointingly weak or ordinary conclusion or event, following events or statements that build expectations for something powerful or moving. [1/3 definitions]
beefy having a muscular build; heavyset. [1/2 definitions]
buildable combined form of build.
cantilever to build or extend (a structural element) as a cantilever. [1/4 definitions]
carpenter to build or repair wooden objects or structures. [2/3 definitions]
chunky of thick or sturdy build; stocky. [1/2 definitions]
concrete to build, cover, or lay with concrete. [1/10 definitions]
construct to put together by assembling component parts; build. [1/2 definitions]
easement in law, a relaxation of or exception to real property laws, as to allow a person or agency a right of way through another's property, or to allow a person or agency to build a structure not normally permitted. [1/3 definitions]
erect to establish and construct; build. [1/7 definitions]
footing a foundation or firm basis on which one can stand, build, or develop. [1/4 definitions]
fortify to build defensive structures or fortifications. [1/5 definitions]
frame the body, esp. the human body, in regard to its build or structure; physique. [1/9 definitions]
gather to accumulate or build up. [1/12 definitions]
Habitat for Humanity a non-profit worldwide housing organization founded in 1976 that recruits volunteers to build houses purchased through interest-free loans by the needy.
hornet any of several large stinging insects that live in colonies and build large, round, papery nests; wasp.
immure to build into or bury in a wall. [1/2 definitions]
jerry-build to build in a cheap, shoddy manner. [1/2 definitions]
kindle1 to build or start (a fire). [1/5 definitions]