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badger any of several carnivorous, short-legged mammals that burrow in the ground. [1/3 definitions]
bark beetle a small weevil, the adults and larvae of which burrow under the bark of conifers and other trees to feed on the inner bark, often causing great damage.
burrow to hide or dwell in a burrow. [3/5 definitions]
earthworm any of various long segmented worms that burrow in soil and feed on decaying organic matter.
hibernate to remain dormant over the winter in a den or burrow so as to conserve energy, as bears and other animals. [1/2 definitions]
hole an animal's burrow. [1/9 definitions]
leaf miner any of the larvae of various small flies and moths that burrow into and eat leaves.
mole3 any of various small, insect-eating mammals that have very small eyes, soft light brown to dark gray fur, and strong forefeet, and that usu. tunnel or burrow underground. [1/2 definitions]
sand lance any of several small, slender marine fishes that burrow in the sand.
shipworm any of various marine bivalves that burrow into submerged wood, as of ships or piers, often causing extensive damage.
woodchuck any of various marmots, esp. one commonly found in northeastern North America that has a stocky body and shaggy gray-brown fur, lives in a burrow, and hibernates in winter; groundhog.