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bang (informal) a sudden burst of energy or motion. [1/11 definitions]
belch to expel gas from the stomach through the mouth, in a spasmodic, noisy burst, as after eating or drinking. [1/4 definitions]
break to burst or collapse. [1/25 definitions]
bust2 (informal) to break or burst. [1/10 definitions]
erupt to cause to burst out; spew out. [1/6 definitions]
explode to burst because of excessive internal pressure. [3/6 definitions]
flame to burst into or produce flames; burn. [1/9 definitions]
flare up to suddenly burst forth in anger.
flaw2 a sudden burst of wind; gust. [1/2 definitions]
go off (informal) to explode in anger or outrage, usually with a burst of speech. [1/3 definitions]
guffaw a burst of loud or boisterous laughter. [2 definitions]
gust an abrupt or sudden burst of anything, such as smoke, rain, or emotional response. [1/3 definitions]
irrupt to burst in suddenly or forcefully. [1/2 definitions]
jewelweed any of several plants in the balsam family having spurred orange-yellow flowers and seedpods that burst open when ripe.
pop1 to explode or burst open with such a sound. [2/17 definitions]
pop off to say something in haste and without forethought, usu. in a burst of anger. [1/3 definitions]
puffball any of a variety of fungi with spherical bodies that burst when ripe to release clouds of spores.
rupture the act or process of bursting, or the condition of being burst open or broken off. [3/6 definitions]
sally an unexpected or sudden burst of activity or emotion; outburst. [1/7 definitions]
sandblast a burst of sand propelled by pressurized air or steam, used to clean or abrade glass, metal, or stone surfaces. [1/3 definitions]
sandbox tree a tropical American tree with a spiny trunk and woody seed capsules that burst noisily when ripe.