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button any of various things that resemble a button, such as certain small round labels or badges. [2/7 definitions]
buttonhole a small slit in a garment through which a button can be fastened. [1/3 definitions]
buttonless combined form of button.
button tree a West Indian tree or shrub that bears hard, button-shaped fruit and yields heavy, compact wood.
buttonwood a North American tree related to the sycamore, which bears a nonedible button-shaped fruit and yields hardwood suitable for timber.
click in computing, the act of pressing and releasing the button on a mouse. [2/8 definitions]
cornflower a garden plant native to Eurasian grasslands, bearing bluish white to purplish or pink flowers; bluebottle; bachelor's button. [1/2 definitions]
drag in computing, to move (a selected item) across a computer screen by manipulating the mouse while holding down the mouse button. [1/13 definitions]
fastener something used to fasten, such as a clip, button, pin, latch, or the like.
frog2 a decorative fastener, as on a coat or jacket, with a button or knot on one side of the opening and a loop on the other side, usu. made of braid or cord.
insignia a badge, button, emblem, or the like that indicates membership in a certain group. [1/2 definitions]
key1 a button or lever on a machine or musical instrument that, when pressed, performs a function. [1/8 definitions]
like2 to show approval of content on a social media website by clicking a button. [2/8 definitions]
pin a fastener, button, or piece of jewelry that attaches by means of a part resembling such a pointed piece of wire. [1/7 definitions]
plaque a small button or pin worn esp. for identifying a member of an organization or the like. [1/3 definitions]
polo shirt a pullover sport shirt of knitted cotton or a cotton blend, usu. having a soft collar and a button placket.
punch1 a push, as of a button on a machine. [2/6 definitions]
push button a small button or knob that is pushed, esp. to close or open an electrical circuit.
stud1 a small, decorative button attached to a short shank that is inserted through an eyelet or buttonhole to fasten a garment. [1/6 definitions]
switchblade a pocketknife with a blade that is released by pushing a button, usu. considered as a weapon.
tab a similar button on a computer keyboard that moves the cursor a set distance each time it is pressed, as along a line of a document being typed, or from field to field in a form. [1/7 definitions]